How to Personalize Your Email Newsletter Service

The best email newsletter service should make the recipient feel like the email addresses them or at least includes information that they can digest. This personalization makes individuals engage more with email newsletter services. There are so many ways to personalize your email newsletter service.

Personalizing email lists and information will increase open rates, shares, expand your list and eventually lead to sales and a better business brand.

Simply sharing whatever information and products come your way will do more harm than good. Read below to find out some of the ways you can personalize your email list and how they benefit your business.

Dividing Email Lists

Segmenting your list of emails can help personalize your email newsletter because this involves grouping them according to common factors.

There are many factors you should consider when segmenting your email list. For instance, you can ask your subscribers about their birthdays, seek their location, etc. Nevertheless, some critical factors you can consider are:

  • The amount they are willing to spend on your goods.
  • Pages frequently visited.
  • Last purchase type and time.
  • How often subscribers want to receive your email newsletters.
  • Event participation
  • Download content.
  • Geographical area

Groupmail is one such piece of software that allows you to easily manage and segment your lists allowing you to send the correct email to the correct recipients at the right time.

One size all approach does not often work with newsletters, especially for exceptionally large email lists. By targeting individuals and lists you can personalize your message to a larger audience.

Address Subscribers by Name 

A personalized email newsletter should always mention the name of the recipient when sending out emails. Mentioning recipients’ names in an email newsletter makes it more appealing to the receiver.

However, keep in mind that most people are already using names to personalize email newsletters. Thus, it could prove challenging when you want to stand out from the rest of the competitors with this strategy.

Best email newsletter service should incorporate different personalizing methods to ensure it leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

Creating Standouts 

Creating standouts is a simple but highly effective technique that sends a creative personal message to customers. The email newsletters are supposed to make the recipient feel acquainted with the sender. Ideas of messages that work magic include:

  • Offering discount coupons on the recipient’s birthday
  • Special offer for loyal customers

Personalization based on Behavior 

Behaviour-based personalization is a sophisticated form of personalizing an email newsletter service. Behavioural data can be collected from social platforms like the customer’s landing pages, click on ads, recently visited pages, shopping trends, or the contents they download.

Targeted emails could be sent at some point in their buyer journey or sales funnel, when:

  • A client downloads something from your site or signs up.
  • Providing reports on the client’s account activity.
  • They click on any part during a site walkthrough.
  • Reconnecting with dormant users or customers.

This can also be used as a form of retargeting if perhaps a customer has left a full cart before purchasing.

Content Personalization 

Using dynamic email content within an email newsletter service enables you to reveal some parts of your email newsletter contingent on your subscriber’s demography. Here, you can send bulk emails to your subscribers while allowing only some sections to show to the intended groupset.

A further dive into segmentation by focusing on groups within subsets, or by providing content for groups that can be expanded upon.

Product Tips and Tweaks

Providing tips and giving tweaks on using your products makes customers interact better with your product. The best email newsletter service should help highlight some unknown product features, especially the least used functionalities. It involves good graphic images and videos that are easy to understand for effective email marketing. Also, you can include links to resource pages that provide more information about the feature.

This is ideal following a purchase or during the launch phase of new products. Tutorials and walk-through of products and services give readers a better insight into what your business can do for them.

Relevant Product Suggestion

Providing product suggestions to your subscribers based on their previous choice or purchased items is an excellent personalization idea. Recommending relevant products to subscribers in your email newsletter sends the message that you understand your customers’ likes and preferences.

Consistent content ideas including descriptions, product suggestions and breakdowns of services also provide continuity.

Recommendations for new or alternative products are also possible, but it’s important to keep the tone and style the same.

Linking Contents Relevant to the Subscriber

Linking relevant content is a sure-fire way to personalize your emails in any email newsletter service. The content linked should support the customer’s interests and the newsletter’s intentions. When linking content, ensure the CTA button points to a relevant product for the client. Also, for optimal conversion, ensure the landing page and the email page have complementing information. Consistency is vital to higher conversion rates.

Endure links are well placed and easily recognizable throughout your emails. Do not overburden emails with access links as it will be perceived as spam and ruin the design and layout of your emails.

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Test your personalization

One of the most fundamental aspects of email personalization’s the testing of ideas across your audience lists.

It is not necessary to do this with your entire list but use small segmentation to test and ask questions before releasing changes to your entire network.

Testing allows you to notice gaps in your strategy and to make changes when necessary. Without testing and the use of well-crafted email tools, your efforts will fall flat.

If you are looking to convert higher on your offers, personalization is your email marketing silver bullet. The key is getting as personal as a friend to your customer and saying all the right things to them from start to end. All the best in your personalization adventure!