Anyone, anywhere, can create a newsletter

From templates to tracking, Groupmail gives you the tools to build great newsletter campaigns. And with no coding skills needed, you’ll look like an expert right from the start.
Drag & Drop Builder
Create in Minutes. Build a beautiful newsletter campaign with our easy, drag & drop builder. Zero learning curve.
No Limits
Send unlimited emails. Create unlimited lists. Add unlimited contacts. No limits.
Real-Time Analytics
Real-time analytics with beautiful real-time reporting to track who opened your email, where & when.

Drag & Drop Builder

Using our pre‑designed templates and our drag‑and‑drop builder makes designing emails a breeze.
Optimized for Mobile
It works and looks beautiful on all devices - including mobile. No extra effort needed.
Video and HTML content blocks
Add your own HTML code and include videos with automatically generated thumbnails.
Beautiful templates
Pick from one of many, professionally designed templates and rework for your own brand. No coding skills required.

No Limits

Send to an email list of unlimited size. Add your server details and send unlimited amount of emails with your own branding.
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Unlimited Groups & Contacts

Create unlimited lists and groups, add an unlimited amount of contacts and create any number of sender identities.
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Real-Time Analytics

GroupMail provides real-time analytics with beautiful real-time reporting to track who opened your email, where & when.
All the data you need for your email campaign. Track emails sent, excluded, unsubscribed, opened, clicked, bounced and much more.
Timelines monitor both campaign and individual data to gain valuable insights.
More than just numbers
Groupmail reports will help you drill down into your audience data and report on who, where and when your email was opened.

Beautiful Templates

Pick from one of many, professionally designed templates. It's the fastest way to great looking emails.

Image Studio

Our image studio allows you to search, crop, rotate, resize, apply filters & frames, add stickers... and lots more - to any image.
Image Editor
Filter, crop, resize, frame, add text and stickers with the Groupmail image editor
Free Image Search
Choose from over 500,000 high quality free images for your campaign
Image Store
Store and manage all your images in Groupmail’s image studio

Popular Features

Personalize the subject line, and body of each email for the personal touch.
Stagger email delivery by number of recipients or time to keep in line with your mail server requirements.
Send your messages in practically any language and with any encoding.
Automatically remove bounces and unsubscribe requests from your lists.
Schedule messages to send even when you’re not there.
Create any number of sender identities and recipient groups.
All of your data is stored safely and securely on your own computer for complete peace of mind.
Email Preview
Preview the email on desktop & mobile and send directly to yourself or your colleagues to review.

Here to support you, when you need

We pride ourselves on our customer support. We offer class-leading customer support for every Groupmail customer. Talk to a human and get the support you need.

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