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Nonprofit Benefits

Keep Supporters
Use our easy drag and drop builder to create beautiful campaigns and keep volunteers and supporters informed
on a regular basis.
to events
Ensure that important events are marked on supporter calendars. Send invites to help increase attendance and fundraising efforts.
Raise more
Improve your emergency and ongoing fundraising efforts quickly and easily. Connect with donors and raise more money.

Newsletter Software for Nonprofits

Powerful list management
Groupmail includes everything you need to maintain, manage and grow your email list.
Private & secure
All of your data is stored safely and securely on your own computer for complete peace of mind.
Merge any of the details stored in your group to make your messages unique to each individual.
Image edit
No need for extra design work. You can edit and resize images with our built-in image editor.
Timelines monitor both campaign and individual data.
Automatically remove bounces and unsubscribe requests from your lists.

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Plus, nonprofits save 15% with Groupmail.
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