All of us at Groupmail take your privacy and security very seriously. This privacy statement discloses our information practices and declares our data collection methods, usage and confidentiality policies throughout our site.
Website - General Policy

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all areas of the Groupmail websites with the exception of the customer resources and promotions areas which are governed by separate privacy policies. It is the responsibility of linked websites to provide their own privacy policies and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any such websites.

The Groupmail Announcement Group

While browsing our site you may see several opportunities to subscribe to our product announcement group, to join this we require you to provide your e-mail address. We use this address to notify you of new software releases, updates and special offers. For your convenience, each announcement contains instructions on how to be removed from all future mailings. We do not make your e-mail address available to any third parties. Please note that customers are automatically added to this list/group.

During Software Purchase

It is important to note that Groupmail does not process orders directly. We use reputable ecommerce companies to do this on our behalf using the very latest in secure transmission technologies. It is very important for these companies to keep accurate purchase records. Immediately after you purchase one of our products our ecommerce partner will notify us and will pass your contact information (e.g. name, company name, postal address, email address, telephone and fax number) together with some limited purchase order information (e.g. purchase date, order reference number, product code, product name, quantity, price and any delivery options). This data is used to enable us to email you with necessary product unlock codes, to identify you in order to give you the full benefits of your purchase including free technical support and upgrade eligibility and to enable us to set up a user account providing you with access to our customer resources area. For security purposes the ip address of this transaction may be recorded. Please note that we do not receive a copy of your actual payment details (such as credit card numbers or wire transfer details). We do not make any of this information available to any third parties.

To learn more about our ecommerce vendors and their privacy & security policies, go to their respective web sites: Cleverbridge & Paddle.


Some of our products contain technical support wizards which help us to provide a higher level of service. When you use this software you have full control over what is sent back to our support staff. You can also have an exact copy of the data being returned to us sent to you also. This information (settings, hardware spec, and log files) is only used for the purpose of support and our copy is destroyed once your issue is dealt with.

Please note that when you contact Groupmail support any details you provide us are used only to help solve any issues you have and are destroyed once your issue is dealt with.

We do not make any of this information available to any third parties.


The area of the site governed by this policy does not use “cookies” (which are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive), with the exception of anonymous session cookies. A session cookie only ever contains a unique identifier for managing session state and therefore does not contain any personally identifiable information. Session cookies are automatically deleted when the web browser is closed.

Groupmail Web Services

The Groupmail web services operate under the domains &

All data collected is the property of the customer and is just hosted / facilitated by us. We store this information securely on behalf of the customer who collected it. This information is only accessible by that customer. When the customer has finished using the data it is deleted.

Our tracking and reporting service, allows our customers to track their group e-mailings. The software records any of the following data when an email is ‘tracked’ by Tracking Manager: IP address, date and time of event, user defined ‘pass through’ information, Link ID and campaign ID, where the subscriber is the person who receives the email. This tracking can be switched off by the user if required.

Our tracking and reporting service uses a web beacon at times. This is a transparent image that is placed within the e-mail. This web beacon also records user defined ‘pass through’ information, IP address, date and time of event, and campaign ID. The function of the web beacon is to report when an email has been opened. This tracking can be switched off by the user if required.

Our online Subscription Manager allows our customers to use a provided web form template which they can use on their own website to collect subscription requests from their site visitors, as well as providing a ‘one-click’ unsubscribe link which can be placed in any Email they send.

Customer Resources Area

Policy Scope: This policy applies to the customer resources area including the log-in and log-out pages.

Authentication & Security

To protect the privacy of your information all users must be authenticated using a username and password system before gaining admittance to this area.

Users are strongly advised not to share their log-on details with others, otherwise this may result in their access to this area being terminated if we determine that there has been a breach of a user’s privacy or security. This policy is to the benefit of all legitimate users. The customer resources area is constantly monitored for any prohibited activity.

Collection & Use of Information

The customer resources area presents a highly individualised facility for managing downloads and updates. In order to provide this facility we have to record basic (non-financial) information about each user’s choice of purchase as well as recording their usage of the facility, for example to customise the downloads remaining for each user.

To protect the customer resources area from misuse we actively monitor all logins into the system in addition to recording standard web logs. We collect login dates and times as well as recording IP addresses on an individual basis. In addition, we record details on all downloads that are taken, also on an individual basis. This allows us to perform individual analysis of patterns of activity for the purposes of detecting prohibited access and misuse of the resources in the system.

Support facilities are provided to assist users who may have problems logging in. This may involve the user emailing to us their contact and original order information in order to provide proof of purchase. While this information is usually discarded once the request has been fulfilled, it may be retained indefinitely in special circumstances where it might prove useful to compile a past history of such requests, for example if we suspect that a user is attempting to gain access fraudulently.

To expedite the handling of priority support emails we may record computer and browser information. This allows us to quickly deal with common problems arising from incompatible system settings, for example if we detect that a user’s browser does not support cookies.

Customers may provide suggestions via the customer feedback facility and this information may be retained indefinitely in order to serve as a valuable repository of ideas for future products and services.

Customers may view and edit their personal contact information and preferences. We may use this information to market new releases and upgrades, and for general customer announcements. The customer may opt-out of our marketing mailing list by modifying their contact preferences.

The customer resources area may use a number of cookies – small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive. We use an anonymous temporary cookie to detect if your browser currently accepts cookies. We also use a permanent personalisation cookie to store your greeting name when you revisit the site. An optional third permanent cookie is used to implement the “Remember this Account” function and this cookie contains your email address. A fourth temporary authentication cookie is used by our system in order to identify authenticated users of the system. This is in addition to a standard session cookie as described in the general section above.

Please note that we do not receive or ever store any financial information such as credit card details and that none of the information we collect is ever shared with any third parties outside of our immediate ecommerce providers.

Who may use the Information

Only authenticated paid customers with login details may enter the customer resources area.

Our ecommerce providers may receive details of any purchases initiated at this site which may include your contact information together with any selected products, quantities and any applicable options.

Our administration staff may monitor site usage and use collected information to administer and maintain the privacy and security of the website.

Our support staff may use collected information to perform requested support tasks and any additionally supplied information will only be used for completion of the activity for which the data was provided.

None of the information we collect is ever shared with any third parties outside of our immediate ecommerce providers.

Accessing and Correcting your Information

Users may use the customer resources area to view and update their immediate contact details and preferences and may view their recent login sessions and download activity.

Subject to proof of identity, customers may on request obtain a full report containing all of the personally identifiable information we have recorded about them.

Customers may contact Groupmail customer support directly to request that corrections be made to any recorded information if they consider it to be incorrect.

If a customer account is put on hold, the customer may contact Groupmail customer support to attempt to have their account reinstated.


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