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Spoofing Fraud

A User may not use any Groupmail Product or Service to send email or SMS messages or to transmit any electronic communications using a name, email address, SenderID or phone number of someone other than the User for purposes of deception or fraud. Any attempt to impersonate someone else by altering an email address or header, SMS SenderID or phone number, source IP address information or any other identifying information is prohibited. Any attempt to fraudulently conceal, forge or otherwise falsify a User’s identity in conjunction with the use of any Groupmail Product or Service is prohibited.

Forging or misrepresenting email or SMS message headers or identities, whether in whole or in part, to mask the originator of the message, is prohibited.

Illegal Activity

Users agree to use Groupmail’s email and SMS messaging Products and Services only for lawful purposes. Use of any Groupmail Product or Service for transmission, distribution, retrieval or storage of any information, data or other material in violation of any applicable law or regulation (including, where applicable, any tariff or treaty) is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, the use or transmission of any data or material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property right without proper authorization and the transmission of any material that constitutes an illegal threat, violates control laws or is obscene, defamatory or otherwise unlawful.

Virus Distribution

Using any Groupmail Product or Service to send or distribute Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses or any other malicious or destructive elements is prohibited. Activities that disrupt the use of or interfere with the ability of others to effectively use Groupmail Products or Services or any connected network, system, service or equipment are likewise prohibited.

Other Prohibited Activities

The following activities are also prohibited:

Intentionally using any Groupmail Product or Service to send or transmit files containing corrupted data.

Using any Groupmail Product or Service for Harassment, whether through language, frequency or size of messages.

Furnishing false or incorrect data on orders, contracts, applications or other materials to Groupmail, including fraudulent use of credit card numbers or telephone numbers.

Using any Groupmail Product or Service to engage in activities that are determined to be illegal, such as the distribution of pyramid or ponzi schemes, is prohibited.

Using any Groupmail Product or Service or any associated or connected networks to advertise, transmit, store, send, distribute or otherwise make available child pornography or other illegal obscene speech or material is prohibited.

Using any Groupmail Product or Service as a means to send, distribute or transmit defamatory, harassing, abusive, threatening or hateful language is prohibited.

Using any Groupmail Product or Service to promote scams, frauds or to engage in any misrepresentation.

Messaging Policy:

Messaging Policy:

This Groupmail Messaging Policy (the “Messaging Policy”) applies to the Groupmail service, which includes the sending of digital messages and related digital messaging services (the “Services”) offered by Groupmail ltd, a Irish corporation, (“Groupmail,” “we,” ‘”us” or “our”) to any individual, organization, business entity, and/or user (“you” or “your”), through the website groupmail.io or any other websites or mobile applications (collectively, the “Site”) that reference or link to this Messaging Policy. Any capitalized terms used but not defined in this Messaging Policy will have the meaning given to such terms in the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, or your Order.


Furnishing false or incorrect data on orders, contracts, applications or other materials to Groupmail, including fraudulent use of credit card numbers or telephone numbers.

1. Compliance with Digital Message Sending Best Practices.

We require you to follow these best practices when sending Digital Messages using the Services:

1.1. Use only permission-based marketing Digital Message lists (i.e., lists in which each recipient has explicitly granted permission to receive Digital Messages from you by affirmatively opting-in to receive those Digital Messages).

1.2. Always include a working “unsubscribe” mechanism in each marketing Digital Message that allows the recipient to opt out from your mailing list (receipt/transactional messages that are exempt from “unsubscribe” requirements of applicable law are exempt from this requirement).

1.3. Comply with all requests from recipients to be removed from your mailing list within 10 days of receipt of the request or the appropriate deadline under applicable law.

1.4. Maintain, publish, and comply with a privacy policy that meets all applicable legal requirements, whether or not your organization controls the sending of the Digital Messages.

1.5. Include in each Digital Message a link to your then-current privacy policy applicable to that Digital Message.

1.6. Include in each Digital Message your valid physical mailing address or a link to that information.

1.7. Do not send to addresses obtained from purchased or rented Digital Message lists.

1.8. Do not use third party message addresses, domain names, or mail servers without proper permission.

1.9. Do not routinely send Digital Messages to non-specific addresses (e.g., webmaster@domain.com or info@domain.com).

1.10. Do not send Digital Messages that result in an unacceptable number of spam or similar complaints (even if the Digital Messages themselves are not actually spam).

1.11. Do not disguise the origin, or subject matter of, any Digital Message or falsify or manipulate the originating message address, subject line, header, or transmission path information for any Digital Message.

1.12. Do not send offers for the purpose of obtaining personal information or generating leads for third parties.

1.13. Do not send “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or other types of messages that encourage the recipient to forward the content to strangers.

1.14. Do not send to lists of addresses that are programmatically generated or scraped from the Web.

1.15. Do not employ sending practices, or have overall message delivery rates, which negative impact the Services or other users of the Services.

1.16. Do not use the Services to send messages that may be considered junk mail. Some examples of this type of messages include messaging related to: affiliate marketing, penny stocks, gambling, multi-level marketing, direct to consumer pharmaceutical sales, payday loans, etc.

1.17. There is a 20 MB content size limit on each message sent through Groupmail servers, including content body and all attachments.

2. Compliance with law.

Your use of the Services must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and court orders of any kind of any jurisdiction applicable to you, us, and any recipient to whom you use the Services to send Digital Messages (“Applicable Law”). You have the responsibility to be aware of and understand all Applicable Laws and ensure that you and all Users of your Account comply at all times with Applicable Law. Some examples of Applicable Laws include: the U.S. CAN-SPAM ACT, The E.U. Directive of Privacy and Electronic Communications, the U.K. Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003; the Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and/or any similar law, laws relating to intellectual property, privacy, security, terrorism, corruption, child protection, or import/export laws.

3. Commitment Against Harassment and Interference with Others.

You must not use the Services to:

3.1. Store, distribute or transmit any malware or other material that you know, or have reasonable grounds to believe, is or may be tortious, libelous, offensive, infringing, harassing, harmful, disruptive or abusive; or

3.2. Commit (or promote, aid or abet) any behavior, which you know, or have reasonable grounds to believe, is or may be tortious, libelous, offensive, infringing, harassing, harmful, disruptive or abusive. Examples may include Digital Messages that are themselves are or promote racism, homophobia, or other hate speech.

4. Sensitive Information.

You will not import, or incorporate into, any contact lists or other content you upload to the Services or the Site, any of the following information: social security numbers, national insurance numbers, credit card data, passwords, security credentials, bank account numbers, or sensitive personal, health or financial information of any kind.

5. Modifications to this Policy.

We may modify this Messaging Policy prospectively at any time by posting the revised version on the Site and/or sending you a copy of the modified document through other reasonable means. Your continued use of the Services will be considered acceptance of any such modification. All modifications to this Policy will be effective immediately upon posting, unless otherwise noted by us.

Anti Spam Policy

It is a violation of the license agreement to send unsolicited commercial bulk email with any Groupmail Product.

Notice of Responsibility to all Groupmail product users:

DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL BULK EMAIL OR UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL BULK SMS MESSAGES. Be aware that you are solely responsible for the messages you send. In some cases, sending unsolicited commercial bulk email or unsolicited commercial bulk SMS (i.e. Spam) is in violation of the law, and you will be solely responsible, accountable and liable for any violations and damages.

We reserve the right to refuse technical support and/or other services if you:

- send unsolicited commercial bulk email or send unsolicited commercial bulk SMS; or

- you hijack a mail server relay; or

- distribute illegal information or materials; or

- forge header information; or

- put false of misleading information in the subject; or

- fail to provide a means for unsubscribing from your lists

The Groupmail range of products was developed to help people including us, to run and manage opt-in mailing lists, opt-in email newsletters, opt-in email marketing campaigns, announcement lists, customer updates and other legal uses of email and SMS messaging. We will never knowingly tolerate the use of our products to facilitate the sending of unsolicited commercial bulk email (i.e. spam) messages. We have taken measures to stop people from abusing our products – for example, our GroupMail Trial has limitations in it to stop it from being abused. Some of those limitations are:

- BCC / Bulk sending is not permitted – spammers like to be able to send their email quickly – using bcc. This is not possible with the GroupMail.

- There is a limitation on the number of messages that can be sent at any one time in our GroupMail Trial. Again this is designed to deter spammers from using our GroupMail software to send spam.

- Direct sending is not available in the GroupMail.

- None of our products allow message headers to be altered in anyway.

- None of our products facilitate the building of spam lists using extraction or spidering techniques.

Users should consult Section 6 of the license agreement (installed by each of our products) for more information. If a user violates the license agreement, but continues to use the product they are doing so illegally. We will deny technical support and refunds, refuse product upgrades, report your actions to anti-spam agencies, and may pursue legal action.

If you do receive spam that you believe originated from a Groupmail Product user, please forward the message with full headers (very important) to support@groupmail.io, so that we can investigate the matter further. Should the spam complaint be valid we will report them to the various anti-spam agencies, black list them from receiving future products and technical support from us. If you have any queries relating to our anti-spam/abuse policies then please contact us – support@groupmail.io.

Please note that Groupmail does not provide mailing lists with its products. Nor does Groupmail provide mail servers to facilitate the sending of unsolicited bulk commercial email. The Groupmail product range is designed to allow users to operate and manage their own lists and groups.

If you have any questions regarding our Anti Spam Policy please contact us – support@groupmail.io.