How to Create an Email Marketing Newsletter that People Read

Has your email marketing newsletter stood the test of time? It was one of the first and still remain a highly effective digital marketing strategy. They are a popular marketing tactic that allows people to:

– advertise their businesses
– promote product engagement
– launch remarketing campaigns
– make conversions

With email, open rates and many opinion polls showing email as the number one source of communication, the email marketing newsletter remain a top priority for many businesses.

It’s important to remember that with this comes a huge amount of competition and spam to contend with. That is why it’s important to follow best practices, create an email marketing newsletter that people read and one that they will share.

Launching an email marketing campaign that people read goes beyond sending your prospects and raving fans a well-designed newsletter. In this article, we share email marketing newsletter best practices that allow you to achieve your business goals.

So, what are we talking about?

Have a specific goal

Are you sending out an email marketing newsletter to generate leads? Do you have a new product you want to launch or essential information you want to pass to your audience? 

Being goal-specific should the baseline of your entire marketing campaign. Understanding what you want to achieve allows you to identify your target audience and implement strategies that improve the newsletter’s performance.

Having set goals will also allow you to create consistent content that your readers will come to recognize. Having a varied layout and content will confuse readers and ultimately lead to a host of readers unsubscribing.

Craft a catchy subject headline

The modern-day consumer subscribes to emails from a myriad of service providers. As the number of received emails continues to bulge, the importance of gaining visibility in a pool of unread messages cannot be over-emphasized.

To capture your target audience’s attention, craft a catchy subject line for your email marketing newsletter. It should pique the reader’s interest, be compelling enough to draw them in, and trigger them to open the email.

Test subject lines with readers, reevaluate their feedback and continually test until you find a winning formula.

Offer value

A successful email marketing newsletter offers value to its consumers. As part of your marketing strategy, offer a free product, discounted fees, or invaluable information. Offering your consumers value increases the likelihood of them opening your emails every time you send them.

Ensure that the offer is within the text also, you do not want readers leaving your email before digesting at least some of the content that you have to offer.

Entice readers with value propositions but then wow them with your content.

Optimize for mobile

According to a Statista internet usage report, 92.6% of all users access the internet through their mobile phones. As such, to gain the most internet penetration, optimizing your newsletters for mobile is imperative.

Creating a responsive email marketing newsletter starts with the design. A reader will most likely delete and unsubscribe to newsletters that do not render on their mobile devices accordingly. Additionally, if consumers have problems viewing your content, it increases the chances of emails being marked as spam.

There are plenty of free and paid tools such as Groupmail which you can use to help optimize and design your email marketing newsletters.

Use visuals

Visuals are among the most critical aspects of any digital marketing strategy. Experts rank images among the email marketing newsletter best practices.

Using visual content is an effective way of sharing important information and marketing your products or services. Considering that consumers respond better to images, it is easier for visuals to go viral as compared to texts.

Visuals add a creative dynamic that simple text cannot. Visuals help to add perspective and a different way of conveying your message. Have fun with some of your emails and examine how your audience reacts.

Additionally, by incorporating visual content in your newsletter, you spark customer engagement and increase your marketing strategy’s chances of having a greater positive impact.

Simplicity is key

Adults are often busy and do not have time to read through jargon or other unfathomable content. For these reasons, keeping your email marketing newsletter simple is of utmost importance.

Avoid being wordy and jump straight to the point. In your newsletter, make sure your target audience understands the message you want to convey within the first paragraph. Better still, by just reading the headline.

Simplicity also touches on the newsletter’s design. A simple design will effectively take the message home as consumers can peruse the content and click on links with ease.

  • Use bullet points
  • Include clear fonts
  • Use larger fonts and don’t hide what you must show

Include a call-to-action 

Now, another crucial part of email marketing is where you urge your audience to act.

Email marketing is mostly for promotional purposes. Why not grab the opportunity and improve your brand’s online visibility? Including a call-to-action is a great way to encourage your readers to learn more about your brand.

It could be to sign up for a class, review a product, watch a video, whatever it is, make sure your audience know what they are supposed to do next.

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Utilize copywriting

The art of copywriting can compel readers to act, make you and your brand memorable create a pattern that can be used throughout your newsletters. Hire a professional or take action and study the ins and outs of copywriting to make your content shine far brighter than that of your rivals.

Newsletters are indeed an essential part of digital marketing campaigns. By following the above email marketing newsletter best practices, you’ll create newsletters that consumers will read.

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