The Best Newsletter Platform for Connecting with Your Email Subscribers

Newsletter’s platforms are the next level in email newsletter marketing. By continuously engaging your email subscribers through newsletters, you offer valuable insights into your field and why you’re the best choice. Mailing lists offer an invaluable opportunity to promote your brand on a more personal basis, advertise new products, and convert leads to sales.

Newsletters provide your email list and knowhow of your customers with is access and management of your lists. Perfect for large email newsletters but also for smaller businesses which want to take a more organized approach to their marketing techniques.

Do You Need a Newsletter Platform?

Creating content that’s engaging and entertaining to your customers is an effective targeted marketing technique. When email subscribers associate your newsletters with interesting insights and informative perspectives, they are more likely to purchase from you.

The tricky part for most business owners, however, is the process of content creation. Curating and consistently sending newsletters to your email subscribers may be a daunting task, especially for business owners who have no prior experience.

  • Intuitive email newsletter platforms can
  • help you create email templates for your audience
  • segment lists and
  • incorporate analytics giving you better insights into what works for your audience.

The larger your list is the more important it is to have a newsletter platform to assist your marketing efforts.

Before we look at choosing the best newsletter platform, let’s have a brief look at why you should already have an email newsletter.

What are the Advantages of a Newsletter?

The benefits of a newsletter can be summed up as

  • Building brand presence and trust
  • Personal communication with your customers
  • Offering opinions/solutions to problems using your product/services
  • Engaging your customers through commentary about new trends in your line of business.
  • Newsletters eliminate clutter and unwanted ads that go along with webpages. By focusing on individual topics, readers can truly be keen on the intended message.

Choosing the Right Newsletter Platform for Your Business

Each business is unique in

  • how it offers its services
  • sources new business, and
  • positions itself to prospective clients.

As such, utilizing newsletters as a marketing tool is skewed to your line of business.

A business that sells electronics, for instance, may choose to focus on product reviews in its newsletter, while a food business could highlight healthy alternatives, wellness, and fitness. Your choice of a newsletter platform thus relies on several key factors:


While marketing is an important overhead for any business, careful consideration is necessary when choosing a newsletter platform provider. Newsletter platforms are supposed to be affordable, no matter the bells and whistles. Carving out a reasonable percentage of your marketing budget dedicated to a newsletter platform ensures you reach out directly to your email subscribers without hurting your cash flow.


Some newsletter platforms embed links that you can click and automatically sign up for a newsletter. On the other hand, others provide a dedicated section to sign up. Depending on the core marketing message you aim to convey, these options come into play.


For small businesses that are just getting the hang of newsletters, a user-friendly and straight forward newsletter platform is the way to go. An easy-to-use platform such as Groupmail requires minimal technical skills significantly moves the marketing process along.

Custom Options

Outsourcing your email needs should not take away your personal touch. Newsletter platforms may manage everything for you, but you want your voice to permeate to your audience from time to time. Thus, a good newsletter platform should allow customization in the form of templates, content, and delivery.


How can you measure the actual sales directly attributable to newsletter platforms? You want to measure your return on effort as an important return metric on your investment in targeted marketing. Unique links bundled with newsletters can be recorded in dashboards that show the true impact of newsletters as a percentage of total sales.


Paired with customization is the ease of delivering your newsletters. Some newsletter platforms offer broadcasting messages that send out singular messages to everyone, such as holiday greetings. Others provide you with the option to push emails to certain people filtered by age, location, and other factors.

Group Mail Newsletter

Group Mail offers dynamic email services tailored to businesses that manage a mailing list. For businesses that manage less than 100 contacts. The free version of the mailing service should suffice. Larger mailing lists like those held by large companies stand to benefit from the paid packages starting at just under $100.

Besides the free version, Groupmail offers three main packages:

  • Personal Offer – The most recommended entry-level option. Manage several mailing lists. Quick contact imports and also unlimited mailing.
  • Business – Autoresponder templates for welcome messages. The Business Pack also comes with message scheduling as an automated feature.
  • Marketing – The most powerful option is offering email reporting for analysis. Priority support for the 1st year as well as GDPR support.

Its feature-rich software provides autoresponder functions, landing pages, smart templates, and subscriber management as well as reporting.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

Newsletter platforms can (and are) a wonderful addition to your business systems. Groupmail offers integration with CRM systems for flawless communication. CRM software neatly creates profiles for individual customers, and Group Mail enables communication right within the CRM.

This creates a new level of B2B and B2C interaction by the sheer versatility that it offers. An example is creating custom filters for buyers of a certain product on the CRM and assigning them some unique commands. You may also create newsletter content that targets these sub-sections of your customer base.


Email is still king in business communication. It’s professional, neat, and easy to work around, no matter your technical prowess. As such, tools built around increasing the effectiveness of email are in the best position to realize high sales conversion rates.

As businesses recover from the brunt of the global COVID-19 pandemic, all signs point to a surge in global marketing spending moving forward. Marketing plays one of the biggest roles in business growth such as keeping existing customers aware of new products and attracting potential customers. Newsletter platforms give businesses access to a finer, more in-tune level of marketing that works.