The Master Guide to an Email Marketing Newsletter

Email marketing remains one of the most beneficial communication channels both in terms of profit and brand loyalty for businesses worldwide. Implementing a successful email marketing newsletter can result in increased brand trust, sales and a loyal customer base. It’s important to know the basics of an email marketing newsletter before you delve into the trickier aspects of segmentation and testing.

This article will look at some of the fundamentals of a successful email marketing newsletter and how your business can succeed by following some simple steps.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Newsletter

You first have to know that email marketing newsletters are not used specifically for selling products or services. Instead, your email marketing newsletter’s main goal should be to build customer loyalty and inform subscribers about upcoming events, launches, and promotions.

Simple sales copy emails will go straight to the trash. You need to develop successful strategies to highlight products and services while providing valuable information to your email list.

When successfully done some of the benefits of a quality email marketing newsletter include:

  • Increased Web Traffic

Well-crafted email marketing newsletters should result in increased traffic to your site. Well placed CTAs, incentives such as free guides etc. are all valuable methods to increase traffic to your site. An experienced marketing team will have strategies in place to guide your site visitors along the customer journey, but it all starts with a well thought out email marketing strategy.

  • Increase Sales

Though it should not be the primary function of your email marketing newsletter, a well-planned strategy should lead to sales. You may also plan your strategy to increase signups, build trust or motivate your readers to take specific actions. Though as a business owner your ultimate goal, usually, is of course to increase sales and profits. By building trust and working with your email list this will be the result.

  • Enhance Brand Awareness and Recognition

To grow your email list and increase your brand awareness, you need to provide value to your audience. Create a consistent structure that includes both the content of your emails and where and when you send them. Familiarity and professionally written content will untimely lead to increased readers, sharing and trust in your brand. The more often this happens the larger your email list and customer base will become.

Email Marketing Newsletter Structure

What’s the difference between an email newsletter and other forms of emails? Though they may be slight, these changes are important to crafting a successful email marketing newsletter:


Email newsletters have a specific goal, whereas generic emails may contain useless content and links. It’s important to craft your email newsletter so that your ultimate goal is achieved. The content may be informative, educational and funny. The copy all depends on your goals and business model.


Email newsletter design must be cohesive with your brand’s font, forms, and colour to help increase brand awareness. Every image and text should be intelligent and informative. Professional email marketing newsletter software and tools such as Groupmail allow you to edit your email design to fit in line with your brand identity.


CTAs stands for call-to-action. It refers to the promotional part of the newsletter content. This tells the subscriber what to do next. For example, “make and order” or “learn more.” CTAs when not overused and inserted strategically can be useful to businesses of all kinds. Evaluate your emails, design and CTAs on segments of your email list to see what works the best.

Sender’s Name

The sender’s name will be the first thing that the subscriber will notice together with the subject line. Ensure yours is easy to read, not too long and a name with which they are familiar. If your email looks like a bot or isn’t personal enough, it will certainly be sent to the thrash.

Subject Line

As mentioned, the subject line is among the first things that the subscriber will notice. It must be interesting so that the subscriber will be encouraged to open the email. Ideally, it must only contain between 30 to 50 characters. It should be as straightforward as possible but try to include some humour and intrigue into it.

Unsubscribe Link

To comply with GDPR, emails must contain an unsubscribe or opt-out option. If you do not include this you may face penalties and see your email flagged as spam. If you choose to use email marketing newsletter software such as Groupmail, this function will be automatically added.

Tips on How to Succeed in Email Marketing Newsletter

Now that we have looked at some email marketing newsletter guidelines and how they differ from generic emails, what else can you do to succeed at your email marketing newsletter camping?

  • Make it Mobile-Friendly

You have to design your newsletter to be mobile-friendly. You can do this by making sure that the font and picture adjust to mobile sizes so that it is not awkward to look at. Also, when including links, make sure that they are accessible on mobile devices.

  • Clean Your Mailing List Regularly

Sending your newsletter to inactive users can harm your email marketing performance. This is because email service providers such as Yahoo or Gmail may consider them spam. For this reason, you need to regularly update your mailing list and try to only send them to those who are still active leads.

Again, using the right software will make this a simple task to complete.

Final Words

Email marketing newsletter is not as complicated as you think. By following this guide to your email marketing newsletter and through the use of professional software you can be incredibly successful with your email list. Following the guidelines, patience and testing will lead to you achieving the goals that you desire for your business.